Production / Fabrication


Molten glass drawn off

Sand, recycled glass and other abundantly available materials are mixed to produce molten glass.
The glass is extruded in a hollow tube, then ground into a fine powder and mixed with carbon. It is put into moulds which pass through a cellulating oven which is heated to produce a glass block with millions of hermetically sealed glass cells .



FOAMGLAS® block coming out of cellulating furnace

The FOAMGLAS® block is then passed through an annealing furnace to allow carefully controlled cooling of the block. The blocks are then cut to size, tested and packed; quality control standards are rigidly applied under ISO 9001:2000.



FOAMGLAS® cellular glass production line

The manufacturing process minimises the use of energy by heat recycling ensuring an ecologically sound insulation product.



Ecologically FOAMGLAS® cellular glass meets the most stringent demands for an environmentally sound material. In manufacturing, often times 60% waste glass is utilised, combined with a manufacturing process which minimises energy use.


The result is an insulation material which provides high performance throughout the lifetime of the process, through to its eventual disposal as an inert material or its re-use. FOAMGLAS® is totally free from HCFC, HFA and pentane.