Exceptional properties of FOAMGLAS®



FOAMGLAS® is waterproof because it consists of pure glass. Advantage: does not absorb any moisture and does not swell.




FOAMGLAS® is vapour-tight because it consists of hermetically sealed glass cells. Advantage: cannot soak through and already contains the vapour barrier. Constant thermal insulation value over decades. Prevents the penetration of radon.




FOAMGLAS® cannot burn because it consists of pure glass. Fire behaviour: Classification according to EN 13501: A1. Advantage: storage and processing not hazardous. No propagation of flames in the event of fire (chimney effect) in ventilation space.




FOAMGLAS® cannot rot and is pest-proof because it is inorganic. Advantage: insulation without risk, especially in the base area and the soil. No basis for nesting, breeding or seed germination.




FOAMGLAS® has high compressive strength even with long-term loads due to its cell geometry without deformation. Advantage: use of load-bearing thermal insulation without risk.



Dimensionally stable

FOAMGLAS® is dimensionally stable because glass neither shrinks nor swells. Advantage: no warping, buckling or creep. Low coefficient of expansion, nearly equal to that of steel or concrete.




FOAMGLAS® is resistant to organic solvents and acids because it consists of pure glass. Advantage: no destruction of the insulation by aggressive mediums and atmospheres.



Easy to work with

FOAMGLAS® is easy to work with because it consists of thin-walled glass cells. Advantage: with simple tools like a saw blade or hand saw, FOAMGLAS® can be cut to any desired measurement.




FOAMGLAS® is free of environmentally damaging flame-retardants and propellants, no relevant eco-toxic components. Advantage: after generations of use as thermal insulation, FOAMGLAS® can be recycled: as filler in landscaping or thermally insulating granulate. Meaningful ecological recycling through re-uses.