The closed-cell insulation contains neither organic nor inorganic binding agents.. As raw material over 60% recycled glass is used. Recycled flat glass that is obtained from defective automobile windscreens and window glass is the main raw material. Due to ongoing modernisation of the production plans, optimised heat recovery systems and continuous increasing of the proportion of recycled glass, the energy needs have been constantly reduced.


FOAMGLAS® is free of environmentally damaging fire protection agents and foaming agents and has no relevant eco-toxic components.


FOAMGLAS® has an extraordinarily long service life. The duration of use of the insulation potentially corresponds to that of the building. Should the insulation nonetheless be renewed, the second use of FOAMGLAS® as backfiller material in landscaping or as filler for acoustic protection walls is possible. FOAMGLAS® fulfils the conditions of the ELUAT test and has been approved as a product for inert materials disposal in accordance with the declaration grid D.093.09 of the Technischen Verordnung über das Abfallwesen (TVA) (Technical regulation concerning waste disposal).