Interior insulation systems

effective and flawless in terms of building physics


If exterior walls of new constructions or façades of existing buildings require thermal improvement or energy savings "from the inside", then special building physics requirements must be complied with. With improperly executed interior insulation, condensation and mould will infest the wall cross-section. FOAMGLAS® convincingly solves this problem. It is an insulating material and vapour barrier in one. As a result, moisture can be avoided and water vapour diffusion from the inside to the outside is interrupted. Surface temperatures rise and provide an ideal indoor climate.

As modern interiors require a variety of surface designs, contemporary features can easily be emphasized. Any materials used for interior building, from plasterboard and plastering systems to high-quality panelling, can be combined with the cellular glass insulation.

FOAMGLAS® interior insulation systems allow the conversion of rooms. Accordingly, basement and attic stores as well as rooms in existing or even historical buildings are experiencing a renaissance. This increases the value of real estate property, protects the building structure from moisture and provides sustainable energy savings. Since FOAMGLAS® does not contain any harmful substances and is ecologically flawless, indoor climate is absolutely neutral in terms of building biology. It is no coincidence therefore that FOAMGLAS® interior insulation systems are increasingly being used in many public buildings such as museums, hospitals, churches and schools, but also in private residential buildings.