Flat roof insulation systems

long lasting and secure


The flat roof is one of the most important applications for FOAMGLAS® insulation. All layers of the FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof are homogenously bonded to each other. Water flow within the layers is impossible as a result. Moisture penetrations of the insulation layer and water infiltration are therefore excluded. This has a very significant effect on the service life of the roof.

On top of the FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof any surface can be applied. Depending on the planned use, terraces with paving slabs, green roofs, car park decks, roofs with gravel or without protective layer can be implemented. For variable gradient roofs we offer a custom-made design service using a FOAMGLAS® TAPERED ROOF SYSTEM. FOAMGLAS® slabs with falls represent an interesting option in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as insulation technology. Attics with gradients are superfluous and thermal protection is simultaneously improved.

The FOAMGLAS® Compact Roof is also suitable as a load-bearing and highly insulating deck substrate. All types of coverings can be executed free of thermal bridges, safely in terms of building physics, and economically. As a result, architects and clients are given almost unlimited possibilities for implementing aesthetically and technically demanding buildings with durable and safely insulated metal roof structures.

The claddings can be executed using the metal roofing technique or with self-supporting, industrially prefabricated profiled sheets. Metal rails bonded in the insulation or special claw plates form the necessary fastening points - free of thermal bridges. Full resistance to wind suction is ensured.