4.6.3 Ready Roof with standing seam or profiled metal sheet cladding on trapezoidal metal deck

FOAMGLAS® READY BOARD with cold adhesive PC® 11 and PC® serrated fixing plates

  • Quality: System with high quality materials. Quality management by systematic site inspections and professional consulting.
  • Cost efficiency: The high durability preserves maximum value and guarantees minimal maintenance costs.
  • Sustainability: Optimum insulation and protection against moisture for generations.
  • Safety: Compact, fully bonded insulation system preventing large-scale damages and renovations in the event of a leak caused by a puncture of the roofing membrane. No penetrations by mechanical fastening. No risk of condensate due to air leakage.
  • Functionality: Easy and efficient application of the insulation. A bituminous waterproofing membrane can be directly torched on to it. Insulation and vapour barrier in one single functional layer. Fixing of the metal roof cladding without thermal bridges. Easy and space-saving warm roof construction.
  1. Metal deck
  2. FOAMGLAS® READY BOARD, bonded with PC® 11
  3. Serrated fixing plate PC® SP 150/150
  4. Serrated fixing plate PC® SP 200/200
  5. Bituminous waterproofing membrane
  6. Separating layer
  7. Standing seam metal sheet
  8. Profiled metal sheet

Technical data sheet
CAD Drawing